She was so cute back then I don’t understand why she got work done

Kim has actually spoke on it. its stemmed from self hate and the black men who have been in her life. she said something along the lines of herself (who she is) not being enough for them, she internalized over the years as many young black women do and thats she started with the surgeries. our skin is too dark, we arent light enough. our noses are too wide, our hair is not long enough, straight enough or we dont have that right curl pattern. its a lot to deal with.

Think about the fact that she was in love with Biggie, and he married Faith, while he was still having sex with Kim.

Are we going to dismiss the constant abuse she had experienced?

Her father was very strict, an ex military sergeant, who was so distant towards Kim & her brother she didn’t see him as a father, she experience him hitting her, her mother. She once stabbed him with scissors as he repeatedly was hitting her mother.

Biggie smalls was nothing better, he was very controlling and abusive. Kim loved him to death, she wore those big glasses because he gave her multiple black eyes & at one point choked her then put a gun to her head. He constantly made fun of Kim’s nose , He was so possessive and controlling her forced Kim to get an abortion when she was pregnant with his child.

Damion ‘world’ hardy was the worst. He was labelled ‘bipolar’ and possessive. Damion cheated on Kim multiple times throughout there relationship with lighter women and ‘exotic’ women. He’s mentally unstable, and is currently serving life in prison due to 6 MURDER charges. Damion was so unstable he had reportedly beaten kim over a game of checkers. He broke Kim’s nose TWO Times, second time was when she was still healing from the first. internally bruised her face causing mass blood clots, he also caused clots on her back and head.

People just jump to conclusions, there’s a reasoning for her change, that comes from a deep and dark place.


I hate that, when people she ‘why did she do this to herself’ , ‘she should of stopped, now she fucked up her face.’ we all know kim has had surgery, she is NOT hiding it or denying it. From being mocked and made fun of by hector extravaganza about her breasts to fellow female rappers, media and people in general How does that make you better than any of the ones who abused her? It still fucking hurts. She’s a human being.

Above from fuckyeslilkim proves to you just how deep her reasoning goes for it.

People ask how she can be an idol to people?

She is such a strong woman, with her being homeless living in a car with her mother, to making an empire for herself, to making music that empowers  topics such a - Feminism, Equality in Women & LGBT She stands up for things others are and were.Lil’ Kim Started a foundation and organization that helped abuse victims and women who have been in abusive relationships.

Listen to her music, Her music is not all sexual.

" These next few lines it to you women abusers
Last nigga I was wit… straight fuckin’ loser
Niggas think ‘cuz you give ‘em ya heart
They can… dissect it and rip it apart
Mm-mm, not I, one nigga’s in my eye
Payback’s a motherfucker, put that on the Stuy
You lost a good bitch nigga you can’t front
Lil’ Kim is EVERYthing a man could EVER want
And that’s real”  - Heavenly Father

“Oh how it hurts, like child birth
The wounds heal slow, you just don’t know
At times, I don’t know what to say
And all I do is pray, day to day
But still, I feel my strength might die
Like right now, I’m tryin’ hard not to cry
Even when I close my eyes, I still see it
Damn, I just don’t believe it
The bad times I buried, like the cemetery
Unworthy people playin’ beneficiaries
A lotta people eatin’ off of one man’s death
Don’t you worry B.I., I’ma ride to my last breath “  - Hold On

She empowers people in situations she experienced aswell, you feel the power and emotion she felt throughout the song, Her loyalty is the best attributes to her. As she was prosecuted FOR not snitching on her friends, which in return they placed the blame on her.

Rather than other female rapper fans and other People attack her, Learn and take something away from this. You might see someone who has had a change in appearance and comment or laugh, but you have NO fucking idea what events lead to it.


witnessing the way that people attack, dehumanize, disrespect and judge other human beings (yes, celebrities are in fact human fucking beings, who the fuck knew right) makes my stomach churn because it is so gotdamn embarrassing that so many people are so quick to judge something that they are LUCKY they couldn’t even begin to understand. not a lot of people know about the severe emotional abuse kim was put through when the love of her life helped kick start and invest himself into her career/life when she first met the notorious BIG, the man who loudly destroyed her inside and out. he tossed her around, degraded her, made it no mystery that he preferred “light skinned women”, consistently shat on her complexion because of it, cheated on her with women who fit his criteria of “perfection, and was consistently made to feel like she would never be wanted in any area she strived to exist in, after all she was also a black, dark skinned woman in hip-hop and rap— no fucking walk in the park.

some people are lucky enough to never experience the toll an emotionally abusive relationship will have on someone, especially as a woman. and for lil kim, as a black woman, who because of her skin tone she’s had to develop a larger vision of our society probably moreso than any other group— i cant imagine how deep the graves are that have been dug inside herself, because emotional abuse from someone you love, and who claims to love you does exactly that— it turns a woman into a fucking graveyard, where all the things you strive to be and all the things you used to be end up suffocated by the weight of self-doubt, dysphoria, and self destruction. 

i give lil kim so many props, ALL OF THE MOTHERFUCKING PROPS, for being alive today and for being such a successful and important icon in hiphop and rap as a female artist. she has dodged the inevitable extinction of women who have been emotionally tortured. when your soul and a sense of who you are has just been so royally fucking snatched from yourself, you spend the rest of your life trying to fill that hole. and i identify with this, and people who are addicts (like myself) who are constantly trying to escape the reality of themselves and what they were left with once they’ve been robbed. we often hear cookie cutter tales about celebrities/other human beings that leave a judgemental sour taste in your mouth such as “well, her father was never around, that explains why she’s such a slut. must be daddy issues.” or “her mother was an alcoholic, so of course she is now too. and she’s famous, so obviously she has an eating disorder. gross.” and we look at those stories and say “how pathetic” and shrug it off but don’t observe and even TRY to empathize with the behaviors. we are all addicts in a sense. some of us eat too much, some of us steal, online shop at the wee hours of the night, hoard newspapers, have a lot of sex, compulsively buy makeup, smoke cigarettes—- the list goes on and on. and so many people are lucky they don’t have an addiction that knocks on death’s door every time it’s practiced. but so yeah, it makes SENSE why lil kim had so much plastic surgery, right? i think no one bothers to even look another human being in the face sometimes and tries to see themselves. it’s either that, or they immediately see their reflection and deny it and jump on the defense. “oh, well at least i’m not THAT bad.” most of y’all are lucky it never gets “THAT bad.”

sorry this was all over the place but i have mad love for lil kim and my heart has just grown so fucking big ever since my own personal addiction started, and i have so much empathy for other human beings because of it and idk this kind of shit just makes me sick and scares me. it literally terrifies me that such a significant amount of people out there are like this. and it inspires me to be strong and not care what other people think of me because the people who judge me and ridicule my behavior don’t even want to try to know the person who really is inside right here and i want no part in anyone who acts like that. that shit is none of my business. 



Most of the comments Lil’ Kim is getting for her pregnancy is down-right sad and distasteful. Is your life really hell for you to make such disgusting remarks about a pregnant woman? She’s a human being just like the rest of us, so leave her alone.

I have not seen such comments thankfully.

Trust me, you wouldn’t want to see some of them.. people are crazy ;/

Most of the comments Lil’ Kim is getting for her pregnancy is down-right sad and distasteful. Is your life really hell for you to make such disgusting remarks about a pregnant woman? She’s a human being just like the rest of us, so leave her alone.